Our Product

Sensationally Soft

and Sustainable

Our cashmere is harvested from the Changtang Valley where the goats are sustainably raised and produce exceptionally fine cashmere. The center is dedicated to producing the very best handspun cashmere knitting yarn available in limited supply to the tourist industry in Leh and the North American market.

The Craft Center

Expanding an ancient tradition in the High Himalayas

The Pangong Craft Center is the only cashmere craft center in the High Himalayas dedicated to supporting a semi-nomadic community of 120 families, living  at 14,500'. Beginning with just five spinners a few years back, the center now employs nearly eighty women in the art of spinning and weaving cashmere as an alternative to working on a road crew.

A very special opportunity to see

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

It is with great thanks to Konchok Stobgais, the Pangong Craft Center’s co-founder, that the women of the center now have an unprecedented opportunity to receive a private blessing from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Having reduced his travel schedule, the Dalai Lama no longer offers public appearances but continues to grant a few, special meetings. It is next to imposible to appreciate the import of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both Stobgais, and the women of the center.  As Stobgais said, “I can ask for nothing more important for the women, and the center, than the blessings of His Holiness.”


We will need to raise $6,000 to cover the cost of taking approximately sixty women by bus to Dharamsala, India, including meals and accommodations.


Thank you ... Thank you!

The Pangong Craft Center is operated by Keep the Fleece (501c3). All donations are tax deductible and will be acknowledged in writing. It is easy to donate using your credit card or Paypal. (Many people have monthly donations automatically set-up with Paypal.) If you would like to send a check, please make it payable to Pangong Craft Center and mail c/o Keep the Fleece, PO Box 1752, Rockland, ME  04841. 

If you should have any questions, please contact us directly at 207-594-9455.