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Before the Pangong Craft Center opened, the women gathered outside the Pangong Inn (in December) to spin cashmere. 
May 2016

The first training session

from North America

Highlights from the first training session at the center with nine fiber artists from North America and nearly 60 women from the center. 

It would be impossible to gauge who benefitted more from this extraordinary event. 

March 2014

How it began

Konchok Stobgais, co-founder of the center and resident of Phrobang Village interviewed three semi-nomadic women to learn about their dreams of what the center could mean to their families, financially along with the unimaginable comfort of spending the winter indoors. 

A Shepherdess' Life

Grand Prize from 

Banff Film Festival

Award winning filmmaker, Stanzin Dorjai, has recently received high honors for The Shepherdess of the Glaciers, a captivating documentary about his sister who shepherds hundreds of cashmere goats through the High Himalayas - alone. 

We are grateful that Stanzin has also been documenting the progress of the center, and will be showcasing some of his footage in the near future.

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